The world’s favorite voices and why we like them so much

The world’s favorite voices and why we like them so much

July 26, 2022, Author: ha

Some voices have a recognizable tone that makes them famous around the world. A great voice builds rapport, draws attention from listeners, and has the power to make words come to life, whether it belongs to an actor, newsreader, or musician.

This made us consider the voices we enjoy listening to and the reasons behind this. Why are these voices so likable and exciting? This article will discuss what makes a voice effective and why we like them so much.

Our favorite voices

Without mentioning David Attenborough, it wouldn’t be a list of legendary, instantly recognizable voices. Unquestionably a national treasure, the broadcaster, scientist, and natural historian has won our hearts with his soothing tones.

He is so beloved in the UK that a study commissioned by Virgin Media revealed him to be the country’s favorite voice, with 28% of respondents saying he had the “greatest voice.”

Stephen Fry, who finished in second place with 19% of the vote share, was close behind David Attenborough. Fry is not just a well-known actor but also a skilled voice actor. He provided the narration for the audiobooks of all seven Harry Potter books. The fact that his deep, expressive voice was chosen as one of the nation’s favorites is not surprising.

Morgan Freeman is perhaps the god of solid voices (I mean, he portrayed God in Evan Almighty). His position as one of the most renowned actors in contemporary film, both on the screen and behind the microphone, has been cemented by his commanding voice and consistently calm demeanor.

There is no questioning that Freeman has one of the most recognizable voices in history, and he has an excellent résumé to prove it. The actor not only voiced Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns but also the president in the suspenseful film Angel Has Fallen.

The 44th US President has also received praise for his voice, ranking eighth among the top 50 voices. Obama’s compelling but reassuring voice has undoubtedly motivated millions of people and demonstrated how a particular voice could demand authority while inspiring trust.

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Why do we like them so much?

What makes these voices so exceptional is an entirely legitimate question. We adore hearing David Attenborough educate us on all things wildlife and natural history, and we can’t help but crank up the volume to properly enjoy Morgan Freeman’s tones. Still, we’re beginning to question why we find them so endearing.

In the end, the voices we select as our favorites are the ones that evoke a particular emotion in us. The fact is that they connect with us for a variety of reasons, whether that sensation is one of consolation, inspiration, or enlightenment.

Communication is key to our mental health since the spoken word is one of our most potent weapons. Therefore, the key is that we sense a connection to those voices and start to identify them as our favorites, whether we listen to them to get inspiration and trust or just for some emotional solace.

In other words, how a voice affects us relies on what we want to gain from listening to it. Overall, though, male voices appear in many opinion surveys. Deep, sluggish, and gentle voices are the most popular options for these types of voices (the top selections from before seem to make more sense now, don’t they?).

Conversely, listeners choose female voices with velvety, cheerful, and soft tones when it comes to female voices. Listeners have learned to link certain features and emotions with the differences between male and female voices. For instance, people view female voices as more trustworthy while masculine voices are considered more authoritative.

What makes a good voiceover?

Therefore, we are aware of the ability of an influential voice to elicit a response from us, and we have developed associations between particular emotions and various voice patterns. This brings up the following issue: what characteristics define a quality voiceover?

Utilizing a voice to bring cartoon characters, video material, and advertising to life requires much expertise beyond simply having a “nice” voice.

The voices that the listeners have chosen as their favorites are all distinctively different from one another and equally successful. This is because various voices are suitable for multiple purposes. For instance, a voice actor who specializes in narrating business content will have a professional and clear tone. Still, someone who brings cartoon characters for children to life will be whimsical and vibrant.

It’s a frequent fallacy in the voiceover profession that you need to have the most distinctive voice available to be successful, but this isn’t always the case. Many businesses and projects need a more “regular” voice with neutral tones, particularly for IVR prompt and explainer films, which demand a voice that is authoritative and clear.

When evaluating what a good voiceover is, other factors are also significant. Without reading fluency, timing, and emotion, even if someone had the finest voice in the world, their voice recordings would not be taken seriously.

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