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Someone who uses their voice in radio, television, film, theater, and other presentations is recognized as a Voice over artist. They are sometimes used in a scripted radio play’s dialogue between characters, but they are more commonly referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentaries or narration. An Urdu voice over artist’s job is completely invisible and only heard.

Voice over artists frequently read scripts that transmit messages that cannot be gleaned from the primary action in the performance. It can then be played “over” – or during – a video or audio production.

A public service announcement’s Voice over narration, for example, must leave an emotional impression on the audience, but a commercial’s Voice over message may convey excitement about the offered product.

In each scenario, the Voice over artist must select how to convey the video’s message through their narration’s cadence and attitude.

You can work as a Voice over artist in a variety of methods, including:

  • Commercials
  • Documentary or story?
  • Promotional or business-related work
  • Dramas on the radio
  • Productions’ narration
  • Video games and animation

The majority of Voice over artists are also actors. As a Voice over artist, you will almost always be working as a freelancer. Because of your range and skills, you can be employed for a variety of roles depending on the varied skills you have for this role. To practice, you may listen to hospital radio and read to youngsters in schools and hospitals.



In Pakistan, you may discover a variety of professional Urdu Voice over artists who perform in many genres and roles and can give you high-quality Urdu voice over services at reasonable rates. Choose a Voice over artist who meets your needs. On PTV Home, Asif Shahzad is an A-Category actor.

He is well-known among radio hosts and Urdu Voice over artists in Peshawar. Works for Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting House Peshawar as a Morning Show Host, Documentary Narrator, and Drama Actor. He has good skills of voice over in Urdu, Hindko, Pushto, and Punjabi.


What is the Role of a Voice Over Artist?


In most cases, a Voice over artist’s main task is to read a script and speak. That is all there is to it. Does it appear to be straightforward? Reconsider your position.

A Voice over artist should, first and foremost, have a decent voice. They should, however, be able to read and speak well. This usually entails reading whatever script is placed in front of them with the appropriate attitude and tone. In general, these artists must be able to express the appropriate message, complete with genuine feeling and passion, in order for it to be credible.

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A Voice over artist may be asked to read scripts in a variety of ways, depending on the job. For example, a Voice over artist working on a television advertisement would be requested to seem genuinely enthusiastic about a product or service. A Voice over artist performing on a public service announcement, on the other hand, can be requested to deliver a message in such a way that it affects listeners emotionally. In Pakistan, there are many Urdu voice over artists working in the industry.

Talented Voice over actors may only need to read a script a few times before their clients are pleased. However, there are situations when a Voice over job necessitates a Voice over artist reading a script numerous times before the client is completely happy. However, it is not necessarily the artist’s fault. A message may be read several times until it is ideal, for example, with different phrases stressed each time or paused in different places.

Although it may appear to be a simple profession, a successful Voice over career necessitates hard effort, talent, and perseverance.

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